March 19, 2007

Spindrift by Jules Jones

jules jones spindriftAuthor: Jules Jones
Shifter: Silkie (Seal)
Pairing: Male Shifter/Male Human
Details: Loose Id/Novel/$5.99
Genre: Paranormal Romance

from publisher:
Writer Richard Dunn's managed to get himself accepted by the fishermen in the village he lives in for half the year. Just how well accepted he doesn't realize, until the night he stumbles on an argument involving a local man he hasn't met before--and finds himself asked to give a silkie a bed for the night.

Niall is a silkie. A creature of legend—a seal, able to become human by removing his skin and to become seal again by slipping it back on. That’s a bit of a problem, since Niall’s seal-skin has been stolen by a man in love with Niall's sister. The thief will only give it back in exchange for his sister’s, which means he's trapped in human form. Unless he betrays her, or his friends find his skin.

Trapped ashore, with no official identity and no bank accounts, Niall needs a refuge. His human friends think that a wealthy writer with a known ability to respect other people's secrets might be just the ticket. All the better that both of them are gay and single...

But Richard's only too aware of the legends of silkie women abducted and forced to marry land men. It's hard to ignore the old tale, when one of the fishermen has just made a bid to re-enact it. It's not an example Richard wants to follow. He's determined to help Niall get his skin back, even if it costs him the love of a lifetime.

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  • March 12, 2007

    The Lion's Lover by Sedonia Guillon

    lion shapeshifter erotica ebookTitle: The Lion's Lover
    Author: Sedonia Guillone
    Shifter: Lion
    Pairing: Male Shifter/Female Human
    Details: Loose Id/Novel/$5.99

    from publisher:
    Serena Blakely made two deathbed promises to her first lover: first that she will love again; and second that she will go on safari with her uncle to hunt the legendary Great Lion. Nothing could’ve prepared her for what she finds on the African plains. Her uncle’s hunting companion is the sexiest man she has ever met, but more than that, she also meets the ngatu, a shapeshifting lion-man right out of African folklore. And the ngatu wants Serena for his mate! Aubrey Darnell has a secret. The broken heart that once drove him from England to Africa has now transformed him into the ngatu, a shapeshifter lion and man. He has managed to keep his identity a secret. Until now. The mere scent of Serena Blakely sends him into the change. She is his mate, and her love can cure him . Now he must seduce the beautiful young Englishwoman without her finding out he’s the very man she’s promised to hunt.

    March 5, 2007

    Solstice Spell by Mechele Armstrong

    stag shapeshifter solstice spell ebookTitle: Solstice Spell
    Author: Mechele Armstrong
    Shifter: Stag
    Pairing: Male Shifter/Female Human
    Details: Loose Id/Novella/$4.99
    ISBN: 978-1-59632-370-4
    From Publisher: A Druid cursed Rupert Donaldson into a half and half existence. By day, he’s white stag with an enormous rack. By night, he’s a man. And he has to make a woman love him by this year’s Winter Solstice or he will remain trapped this way forever.

    When newly divorced Gillian St. Charles moves in nearby, Rupert thinks he might have found his mate. Gillian is enchanted with the white stag, who hangs out in her yard, but wary of her mysterious neighbor. Still a gorgeous naked man is a gorgeous naked man and they share hot times in her hot tub.

    Gill’s brother wants to bag the deer with the trophy-quality rack. If Rupe can’t make Gill fall in love, he might just end up venison.

    February 26, 2007

    Dead Again by Lisa Andel

    lion shapeshifter erotica ebookTitle: Dead Again
    Author: Lisa Andel
    Shifter: Panther
    Pairing: Male Shifter/Female Human (multiple partners)
    Details: Liquid Silver/Novel/$5.95

    from publisher:
    Werepanthers, dragons, and demon sorcerers. What’s a normal red-blooded woman to do?

    Have sex with them, of course.

    Even though Lisa is mostly human, her life is anything but normal. Spending more time with the supernatural side of society than with humans might account for that. Then again, it might have to do with all the people who want to kill her for sport, since she doesn’t stay dead. Whatever the reason, she’s come to the painful realization that something important is missing from her life. Sex. And if she doesn’t get some soon, she might just lose her mind.

    Her best friend Ashur decides to help her out. He starts the ball rolling by introducing her to a werepanther who’s known to have a way with women. The shifter is so good that he leaves Lisa craving more. Wherever she can find it. With whoever she desires.

    Though she’s no longer in danger of going insane, her life becomes stranger yet, as she acquires and loses lovers, and lives and dies … and lives.

    Where will it all end? Only God knows. And he’s not talking.

    February 17, 2007

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